Elizabeth Jackson

Elizabeth Jackson

Accounts Facebook, Twitter
Suspected Crime(s) Noise ordinance violations, public nuisance
Status Executive Director of the Animal Rescue Fund (ARF)
at 1963 Holly Bush Road in Pelahatchie, Mississippi
Known Aliases Pippa Jackson

Elizabeth (“Pippa”) Jackson is the founder and Executive Director of the Animal Rescue Fund (ARF) at 1963 Holly Bush Road in Pelahatchie, Mississippi. She is a friend of Pet Pardons co-founder Ashley Owen Hill, and has been banned from commenting on the Pet Pardons Watch Facebook page for posting various threats and insults.

Her facility is notorious for poor conditions, including inadequate roofing, water leaks, mud and feces in kennels, with dogs outside in freezing temperatures, no fresh water, minimal vetting being performed on the animals, unaltered dogs being kept together in the same pens with puppies resulting, and even dog fighting. All this despite receiving a $50,000 grant from Purina (and apparently another from Pepsi), and a new car from Toyota, yet the animals are still not receiving the proper care.

Nonetheless, Elizabeth Jackson continues to solicit for more donations on Facebook, via Chip In.

Lydia Sattler at the HSUS of Mississippi has put out a warning not to release animals to this organization, and local law enforcement have warned Ms Jackson not to accept any more animals. According to Ms Jackson herself, she has been arrested at least nine times for a variety of offenses, including noise ordinance violations (although some of those charges were later dismissed).


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