Ten Questions for Ashley Owen Hill

Open Letter

(1) You state you have saved tens of thousands of pets through Pet Pardons, so why is it that you rescue zero dogs from her own neighborhood kill shelter, Lauderdale County AC, with a 70-80% kill rate?

(2) Why do you claim to be No-Kill when you promote Pro-Kill organizations? Why do you call your neighborhood kill shelter, Lauderdale County AC, to pick up stray dogs near Lucky Dog Rescue, when you know they will almost certainly be killed?

(3) Why have you not yet publicly denounced Jeromie Williams, a director in Pet Pardons, who makes violent threats against people and their children and dogs, and steals money raised through ChipIn by Pet Pardons on behalf of other rescues (such as Operation Sled Dogs)?

(4) According to Kim Johnston, you admitted to reading our emails about Jeromie Williams as early as December 2011, and claimed you (a) advised Chris Hoar to fire him and (b) “distanced yourself” from Pet Pardons when he did not. Given that Lucky Dog Rescue has been prominently featured on the Pet Pardons page in recent months, this does not appear to be true. Others (including Kim) have also claimed that you did not read any of our emails about Jeromie Williams until recently. Please explain.

(5) Why did you make the videos described here, including fantasies about the murder of an animal control officer and others?

(6) How many dogs has Lucky Dog Rescue rescued and adopted out in 2012? In 2011?

(7) How much in donations has Lucky Dog Rescue received in 2012? In 2011?

(8) Why does Lucky Dog Boarding have over 20 fake reviews (per Yelp) and only two real ones, one of which is not positive?

(9) Do you think it is ethical to ask for donations in memory of a dog that is still alive? Or to feign poverty and starvation in order to raise funds?

(10) Why do you (and Pet Pardons) not promote No-Kill or the No-Kill equation, which has been successful in 69 open admission shelters — representing over 200 cities and counties — in saving over 90% of their intake of pets?


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