Pet Pardons Welcomes Scrutiny (Not Really)

Today a spokesperson for Pet Pardons welcomed the creation of Pet Pardons Watch, a group of concerned citizens dedicated to monitoring the group and promoting ethical practices and accountability. “We will always welcome rigorous scrutiny and constructive criticism,” he said.

Pointing to a recent debacle in which the Director of Pet Pardons Canada, and Managing Editor of Pet Pardons News, Jeromie Williams, stole $1,800 from a Canadian sled dog rescue group, and threatened them over the phone and in voicemails, he said that Pet Pardons “welcomes feedback, advice, and criticism from others as we strive to be accountable to our partners, our supporters, and the general public, and ensure that nothing like that ever happens again.”

Just kidding!

Actually, the Pet Pardons mob has attacked this group as “Hitler,” and threatened to send the police out to get us.

From Maygen Crowe, a friend of Pet Pardons co-founder Ashley Owen Hill, in Meridian, MS:

From Elizabeth (Pippa) Jackson, the founder and Executive Director of the Animal Rescue Fund (ARF) of Mississippi:

We’ll keep you informed when our trial begins for crimes against humanity.

– Pet Pardons Watch Members


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42 Responses to Pet Pardons Welcomes Scrutiny (Not Really)

  1. Maygen Crowe says:

    Another twisted story. We defend someone that had nothing to do with the JW situation and yet you consistently attack someone that had nothing to do with what you’re upset about. However, you quickly deleted all of my comments and banned me from posting so that I can’t defend myself. Hmmm… That’s ok. This is why you have so few followers. I do believe that this is a hate group.

  2. Kim Johnston says:

    You guys are the biggest bunch of wanka’s EVER… Don’t you have a life…. imagine all this time your spending bashing people going towards quality time with your kids……….shame shame shame

  3. Admin says:

    Maygen, profanity and namecalling are not allowed on the Pet Pardons Watch facebook page. Calling us Hitler is not allowed either. That was stupid, and it was indefensible. On the other hand, Kim, we will defend ourselves from unfair attack.

  4. Dana says:

    Well if profanity and namecaling are not allowed, then why did you ban several others, including myself, who did neither? It looks like Pet Pardons Watch is the one who can’t handle scrutiny. Oops, I mean someone calling you out on your lies. But that is OK, the truth will come out (it always does). I wonder if your supporters will have your back when you are exposed?

  5. Admin says:

    Dana, you were banned for making personal attacks and lying about what other members had said. That is not permitted either.

  6. Chris says:

    Hello Kim,

    Thanks for your concern. Indeed, we are spending time with our kids. Namely, we are making sure they are safe, after they were recently threatened, by you:


  7. Kim Johnston says:

    Chris – I never threatened you or your kids – but hey, what is one more lie and false statement from you. And Wray – that was a promise – not a threat!

    You have become an ABSOLUTE joke….. take a look at yourself! You think you are doing the right thing and getting respect – pppfffttt your a joke.

  8. Dana says:

    What personal attack? And lying about what members said??? That makes me laugh hysterically! Like I said earlier, ALL of it will eventually come out. I wish I could be present to see how many of your “friends” throw you under the bus to save themselves from the embarrassment. Do you actually think they will stand by and support you when they find out what yoh have done and all your lies?

  9. Maygen Crowe says:

    Why don’t you post the screenshots of your partners name calling? I see you didn’t post your comments either. You said you weren’t going to ban me over those comments. I guess you lied…imagine that!

  10. Maygen Crowe says:

    Why hasn’t Bev been banned for name calling AND profanity? I guess it all depends on what side you’re on. We can see this is ALL one sided!

  11. Admin says:

    Maygen, I did not say I was not going to ban you. You deleted your own comments. If you want to post screenshots, go ahead. Somewhere else.

    Dana, you attacked Topher repeatedly as a writer and implied he somehow distorted the DogsInDanger press release. He did not. We have verified with DogsInDanger that Lucky Dog Rescue was one of the primary targets of their investigation. What is so difficult for you to understand about that?

    Kim, you did. Check your email, October 1, 12:13 pm: “I will also be posting your information Chris – everything I have on your family – photos the lot…” And now you’re posting information about Alison’s family? Family, and especially children, are off limits. You should know that better than most. It’s sad you seem to have forgotten.

    Since the three of you seem to be confused on this point, this is a page for Pet Pardons critics, not apologists and hacks who threaten us and threaten our children. Any more comments along those lines and you will be banned permanently.

    Incidentally, if Ashley Owen Hill thinks that she can send her friends out to threaten us into silence, you can tell her she’s miscalculated. Badly. We don’t care how many “powerful friends” you have (see: We have a right to comment on matters of public concern, and we will continue to do so. Save your threats for someone who cares.

  12. Maygen Crowe says:

    Confused. Why is the comment still on Pet Pardons Watch that specifically states you were not going to ban me? All of my comments were deleted and not by me once you banned me after you state you wouldn’t. Again, it’s still on the page if you’d like to take another look.

  13. Maygen Crowe says:

    You don’t have the right to lie….

  14. kimsjohnston says:

    LOL you guys are on crack……I would ask – that you post ANYWHERE any threat or comment that I have made even mentioning Alison;s daughter – who i did not know existed until you started saying I threatened her.

    And Chris – i am going to expose WHO you and your family are so people can see exactly who you are and you can’t hide behind all the fake profiles anymore…..That is not a threat – that is exposing a fraud…BIG difference. But keep on posting that bullshit – my lawyers are loving it!

  15. kimsjohnston says:

    Its no wonder you dont have any followers lol…… you guys are just hacks… even the National Enquirer wouldn’t hire you Chris…..

  16. Admin says:

    Maygen, I said I would not ban you after your ridiculous Hitler comments, which you deleted. You later lied, and claimed you didn’t delete them (Saturday at 4:31pm). Not only that, you claimed you had posted links and screenshots as evidence, and accused me of deleting them. This did not happen. And you were accusing us of lying all the way along, without answering my very simple request to explain what exactly you’re talking about.

    I did not “lie,” I changed my mind, and decided I didn’t have time for your nonsense, and your lies. Start your own page, so that I don’t have to listen to lies that I deleted all your precious screenshots. Your friends have also complained about every single post on the PPW page, including a link to YouTube, that was (ridiculously) flagged as an abusive phishing site. If I suspect anyone of making false complaints, you will be banned immediately.

  17. Chris says:


    Tell your “lawyers” I said hello. Speaking of lies, we know your multimillion dollar companies do not exist. You do not fly around the world first class, signing million dollar contracts, and donating $10 million to charity. You don’t have a boyfriend 30 years younger than you. You didn’t study securities law for five years and revolutionise Australian law, or win a million from your ex husband. Your whole life — from what you have told us — is a lie. I feel horrible I didn’t realise this long ago, as I should have. Anyhow, please, expose me. Do your worst.


  18. kimsjohnston says:

    LOL really – your right on a couple of things there actually. I didn’t win the million dollars from my ex husband – I won it from his law firm. My love life is my own business – not yours. If you would learn to read – you would have read that our charity starts in January 2013…… and actually i am flying to Boston first class this week – want me to post my boarding pass???

    Lol you really are a lying piece of shit… with no credibility what so ever…. Dont worry Chris – when you and your wife and your daughter are out on the street and I own your house, you can class THAT as my worst 🙂

    Now, back to my own blog – i have SO much to post….

  19. kimsjohnston says:

    And if my companies dont exist – who is sponsoring the biggest beauty event in Las Vegas next week…..alongside Lamborghini and Cosmopolitan Magazine……..oooh – ME!!!! suckers……… lol

  20. Chris says:

    Let me get this straight, you sued his law firm, won $1 million, and then he decided to give you a sales & marketing job in his company in 2011?

    That doesn’t make sense to me.

    Nor does it make sense that you were living in your car from October 2011 to January 2012, as you claim here:

    You’re right, your love life is none of my business. But you’re the one who kept bringing it up:

    Trust me, you don’t want to go down this road with me. I don’t want a war with you. It’s in your interest not to make me change my mind.


    P.S. I hate Jesse Metcalfe.

  21. Maygen Crowe says:

    Why would I delete only one of my comments where I referenced Hitler? I know y’all love screenshots so again pointless to delete. I don’t know how it got deleted and I don’t really care…you’ve documented it and I own it without shame! Ashley never sent me but I know her true character. One that is loving, caring and hard working. JW did this not Ashley so why constantly attack her?…geez! My links were Pet Advocates Network were deleted, I didn’t say PPW did that and if I didn’t make that clear then I do apologize for that. All that we ask is that you post whole truths and not twisted stories…is that really unreasonable. Do your own research before you post anything!

  22. Dana says:

    Stay tuned, Dogs in Danger version of that exchange is opposite of your version. It looks like you are about to be proved a liar or what I predicted is happening, your supporters are throwing you under the bus to save themselves.

  23. Admin says:

    Maygen, you just admitted to calling us Hitler. I need say no more to you, but for the record, we are not “constantly” attacking Ashley Owen Hill. We wrote two (2) posts about her, and we did our own research about both of them.

    Dana, sadly, I have read Kim’s latest post as well. But note that her “version” is not “opposite” our version at all. They are entirely consistent. We wrote that Dogs In Danger was investigating Lucky Dog Rescue (among others). They were. We did not write that they had found conclusive “hard” evidence of cheating *by* LDR (at least, not yet). They haven’t. We have not “lied” about anything.

    It would help if you would read more carefully. Also, pro tip: productive discussion is rarely the result when one party begins by calling the other Hitler. You’re lucky I didn’t ban you all long ago.

  24. DO says:

    Why were my comments deleted and why was I banned from your pitiful little FB page? Because I told the truth? Unlike you, Ashley is ethical, moral, truthful, has a heart of gold, and is loved by thousands, instead of liked by a handful! Your small group of closed minded people hide behind fake names and computer screens all day with obviously nothing better to do. Get a real life!

  25. Admin says:

    Pro tip #2, “DO”,

    You cannot attack us for using pseudonyms, but say nothing as your daughter’s friends call us “Hitler” and threaten our children (see Kim’s blog). They are demonstrating why the pseudonyms are necessary, and also why fair-minded people might wonder just how ethical you and your daughter really are.

  26. DO says:

    There is nothing fair about your crazy mind!

  27. Admin says:

    It is neither crazy nor unfair for us to object to messages like this:

    For the record, Kim Johnston has been demanding we delete all posts about your daughter, and threatening our children if we do not. I’m sure her new friend, with her heart of gold and her fine ethics, will find the time in her busy schedule to tell Kim to maybe cool it with all the threats against kids.

    We will all continue to strive to attain the same lofty level of objectivity one expects from… a mother commenting on her daughter? Oh. Never mind.

  28. DO says:

    Yep, and it’s not just me that supports my daughter, which is more than you can say for yourself! Speaks volumes for you and your low life group doesn’t it? Loud and clear!

  29. Maygen Crowe says:

    Never denied what I said…not once. You specifically said you wouldn’t ban me for saying it yet you did. Then you said you didn’t ban me for saying it but for so called deleting one of the comments where I made the reference…hitler was a bully and so are you! Now, you’re saying that you did delete me for referencing Hitler. If you lie about something so trivial then who is to believe anything you say? If you’re so upset with JW then leave it about him. Why drag others into it just to get more publicity. It makes no sense! Lucky Dog Rescue is (unlike Alison’s accusations) a real rescue with real dogs in need. Why try to hurt that? If you truly care about animals then it looks as if you would not put so much energy into taking down a rescue that does so much good in our community, the community that I live in. I’m proud of Ashley and it disgusts me to read accusations when I know how wonderful this rescue truly is! If you disagree with JW, then go after him only…don’t take other people down with him! Why is that so hard for y’all? Why must you continue to make accusations and twist stories? We’ve never once defended JW. Keep it on the issue and maybe more people would listen instead of dragging in the innocent.

  30. Dana says:

    You should be careful Wray and Topher. It seems a lot of people are setting you up so they have their hands clean when the truth is exposed. Your house of lies is starting to crumble…..

  31. Admin says:

    Ashley and Pet Pardons state they save tens of thousands of pets, so why is it that she rescues zero dogs from her own neighborhood kill shelter, Lauderdale County AC, with an 80% kill rate?

  32. DO says:


  33. kimsjohnston says:

    Chris – why does anything I do – or my ex husband does – have to make sense to you…… and thank you very much – but I was Vice President!!! Yes I was living in my car from October to December – does’t that just show you what a woman can do when she sets her mind to it!!!! Now I own not five – but seven (7) successful companies and help other woman who are in the same situation as I was……. and with that money – I am not only going to shut you down, but I am going to end up owning your houses……:) Maybe I can donate them to someone more needy.

    Bring it on Chris! Bring it on…… If you dont want a war – man up and shut your ridiculous blogs down…..

    and my love life – “keep bringing it up”…… I mentioned it once! lol…… but it is fabulous and I should mention it every day!!!! Its just none of your business – or is sleazy little Wray waiting for details?

    We have all seen the “threats” that you so libelously claim that I made against your children Chris – now your just looking plain stupid!

    I used to think you were a very talented writer once… is very sad watching your decent into Alison’s world of madness.. Really sad……

  34. Dana says:

    Why is Alison asking a question that she already knows the answer to? Go ahead and play innocent. Just remember, we live in a small town and “secret” friendships don’t stay secret around here.

  35. Admin says:

    Debbie Gilbert Owen, is there some point to these inane comments?

  36. Chris says:

    Kim, the thing is, you told me last December that Stirling went into bankruptcy in July 2011, and you bought the company. Lots of international business travel back then too, with Jeromie Williams begging you for your products all the way along. What you told me then is just not consistent with this new story, that you were living in your car last fall.

    I would say that either you were lying to me (us) then, or you’re lying now, but I know better now. You were lying then, and you’re lying now. I’m sorry I spent so much time trying to help you, when there were so many better causes that could have used my time.


  37. DO says:

    That’s for me to know and you will find out soon. 🙂

  38. kimsjohnston says:

    Topher – this is the last statement I will make to you because i have been advised by my legal team that they are now dealing with your issues. YES Stirling did go into bankruptcy in July 2011 – look it up……….YES I was Vice President when it went bankrupt in 2011…look that up. As Vice President – I guaranteed ALL of my creditors that I would pay them out of my own pocket while waiting for the administrators to pay me out. WHICH I DID – because I am that kind of person. In late November – my son and I became homeless because I had paid out ALL the creditors of a bankrupt company that was not even mine. But again – THAT is the sort of person I am. Creditors did not pay so I lost all of my money. But BECAUSE I AM THAT SORT OF PERSON – I was able to get back on my feet with good friends.

    I guess you will be able to understand how quickly life can flip like that soon – when your out on your out on your ass and I have the keys to your home…… Go FUCK yourself Chris – and stop wasting my time……

    Print THAT you WANKA!!!!

  39. Chris says:

    Oh no Kim, you mean you won’t be posting any more comments telling me to “F*** myself”? How will I ever cope with your silence?

    Hey, when you “paid” water polo players at West Valley College to tell you about the red freckles on Nathan Kotylak’s backside last fall, did you do it from your car? Or were you lying about that too? No need to answer. I don’t really care.

  40. Chris says:

    By the way Maygen, “hitler was a bully and so are you!” has to be one of the most stupid things I have read this week (and that’s a high bar). Hitler was not a bully, he was a genocidal monster. The fact that you apparently can’t tell the difference between the mass murder of 15 million people and a blog post you disagree with tells me all I need to know about you. Go away.

  41. Dana says:

    Go away! Seems to be a favorite line of yours. Surely someone who THINKS he is a writer can come up with something much more eloquent to say. You sound like a 12 year old girl saying “Talk to the hand.” If it were not apparent that your life is obviously lacking on so many levels that you sit behind a computer for hours attacking a young woman, this might be funny. Instead it is incredibly sad that grown men act like you. Have a nice life Topher. Continue to let others feed you lies and allow you to put yourself out there, alone, to take the fall.

  42. Chris says:

    Dana, I never attacked any woman. If you think a post commenting about allegations of cheating in the Chase contest is an “attack”, you’re the one who needs to get out of the house more.

    It seems you’re also the one being fed lies, by Kim Johnston. There’s nothing for me to “take the fall” for.

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